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SDW X REC In Progress (Sony A7rM2 + GM Lens)

REC In Progress is a series of workshops purport to provide customers an experience with the latest cameras, enhance photography/videography knowledge and skills, mingle with passionate shutter bugs alike etc.

Just last Sunday, we  concluded a complimentary workshop in collaboration with Sony Digital Workshop that was held at our new concept store – REC By Alan Photo.

During the workshop, participants were able to get a hands-on experience Sony’s A7rM2 together with the GM Lens.

With the presence of 2 professional models, our participants got to experience a studio photoshoot with the cyclorama and backdrop studios at our store!

As cameras and lenses were provided, all they needed was their SD card allowing them to bring home the photos they have taken on the day.

The workshop was only opened to 20 participants, and divided into 2 sessions, 10 participants each.
Every participant was entitled to a hands-on experience with an A7rM2 and GM Lens each!

They were able to bring home some knowledge and skills from winner of Sony’s  photography contest Gerbie Pabilonia!

The first session kicked off at 1pm and the second at 5pm.

Models arrived earlier to prep themselves for the test shoot during the workshop

2 differently themed shoot:


Hands-on experience by participant

REC Team + Models + Iconic Wall

Group shot!


All in all, we are thankful everyone who signed up were present on that day and everything went smoothly on that Sunday. We hope that each and every participant learnt something new during the workshop!

Signing off,

Alan Photo’s Opening Hours for the 2017 Lunar New Year

From all of us at Alan Photo,

Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Our opening hours are as follows:

Date                               Operating Hours for the Lunar New Year
Alan Photo Trading (Sim Lim Square) REC By Alan Photo (CT Hub 2) Lumen By Alan Photo (MBS)
26th January 2017/ Thurs 1030am – 830pm 11am – 7pm 1030am – 11pm
27th January 2017/ Fri

(CNY Eve)

1030am – 2pm 11am – 230pm 1030am – 1130pm
28th January 2017/ Sat

(CNY Day 1)

CLOSED CLOSED 1030am – 1130pm
29th January 2017/ Sun

(CNY Day 2)

CLOSED CLOSED 1030am – 11pm
30th January 2017/ Mon

(CNY Day 3)

CLOSED CLOSED 1030am – 11pm
31st January 2017/ Tues

(CNY Day 4)

1030am – 3pm 11am – 3pm 1030am – 11pm
1st February 2017/ Wed

(CNY Day 5)

Resume to normal working hours

1030am – 830pm 11am – 7pm 1030am – 11pm
9th February 2017

(CNY Day 13) Annual Company dinner

1030am – 7pm 11am – 630pm 1030am – 7pm


Video Production In Singapore: tokuAsia Pictures

In this current era, I’d believe every individual would have at least watched a short video. May it be a Youtube Video, or a simple short commercial on your tele.

However have you thought of what went on behind the scenes? Thought of transiting into videography? Or just curious about the life of a video production crew? In this blogpost, we will see what is life like for Basil Yeo, Video Production Producer of tokuAsia Pictures. 

Be enlightened into the world of video production as we bring to you a Q&A session with renowned Video Production House tokuAsia Pictures. 


tokuAsia Pictures is a commercial film & video production company based in Singapore, and specialises in creating engaging motion pictures with a cinematic touch. Established in 2012 with the vision of becoming a leading creator of scripted digital content for Asian and international markets, our passion is in telling stories that have the power to inform, inspire and educate.

Q&A with tokuAsia Pictures 

1. What made you decide to intersect into the videography industry?

We have always loved writing and making videos for fun. It was around 2012 when low cost filmmaking tools became widely available, and I had just come out of NS while some of my friends were in between jobs or had just come back from overseas studies, so we decided to take a dive into the industry to see how far our common interest could take us.

2. Has it always been your dream since young to be in this industry?

Although I love filmmaking, I never expected myself to be working professionally in this industry.
As a child I wanted to be a police officer, and I actually tried to apply twice but got rejected both times.
It was probably better that they rejected me because I really cannot see myself doing anything other than filmmaking now!

3. Is there a message you would like to put across to your viewers about the videos you produce? If yes, what is it?

I believe that every form of media produced carries a message, but I suppose it will change depending on the story that we’re trying to tell.
Film/TV is an extremely powerful medium and has shown an ability to shape positive change in society. If I were to transcribe our content vision into a message, I’d say we’d want the ideals of humility, self-improvement and acceptance to be a big part of our content. We want people who watch our shows to strive to be better, fulfilled human beings.

4. Share your journey in the industry ever since tokuAsia Pictures was formed. Any challenges that you were faced with?

We’ve always wanted to create our own series, but when we started out lacked the skills, experience and funds to do so. Trying to create a name for ourselves was indeed challenging but even more challenging than that was the fact that we started out without any capital and lived off our own savings for the entirety of the first year. We worked on almost anything we could find from nearly anyone who was willing to give us a chance. It was also extremely difficult convincing our parents because of the risks involved and one of us had to drop out by the end of the first year (but he’s back now). Things eventually got better and I think right now I can say that no matter what the future holds for us, we can be proud that we survived all of that. It helped us build some grit and character that might be useful in our future work.

5. What motivates you to remain in your line of business?

The determination to create something great that will be watched and appreciated by other people and also, as I mentioned earlier, to be able to use film/TV as a medium of influence, and not just an “idiot box” like some like to call it.

6. What is your perception of the video production industry in Singapore?

We are an extremely small industry blessed with lots of talented people, but a lot of the potential goes untapped because the opportunities available are also scarce. Most people will rant about how certain things are not to their liking or about how little chances there are to showcase their talent (I’m not saying it’s not okay to rant, I rant sometimes too) but few will actually step up and do something about it, but it’s understandable because the fear of failure and ridicule when you screw up is real. However, this is merely part and parcel of growth and we all need to be less fearful and start making our own opportunities, which in turn will lead to opportunities for others and eventually growth for the industry.

I also feel that often times there is a consumer misconception that video production is easy and this is largely due to a combination of factors: the lack of understanding about the video production process and the fact that video is also so common these days that the idea of it being a professional craft is disappearing, and this can lead to conflict in the client-vendor relationship. We’ve had experiences where we realised that the client had been viewing our advice as inadequacy and proactively challenged it to the point where a normal working relationship became impossible to sustain. I’m very sure that everyone in this industry has had a similar experience, but instead of letting resentment overwhelm and influence us, we’ve made a promise to ourselves that we will take extra effort in educating our clients about the video production process through our blog (shameless plug: toku.asia/blog). It is our hope that clients and even fellow production people will see good value in this direction, which may lead to happier client-vendor relationships.

7. Share with us your essential carry on when you’re filming.

No matter what I’m shooting with, I never forget to bring my GenusTech Eclipse Variable ND filter! It’s the most important thing to have when you’re shooting outdoors in daylight, because stopping down on your lens is almost never enough, and you will also lose the creative ability to use shallow depth of field. Also, I carry an assortment of hex keys in a few sizes for field maintenance work.

8. What did you think of the Samyang lenses you used while filming the short video?

(Actually I also shot on the Canon 70-200, haha)

I like the Samyang VDSLR primes as they are small, lightweight and produce sharp images. Like most cinema lenses, they also come with manual aperture rings that make controlling light so much easier, smoother and intuitive than having to press buttons on your camera. Besides, they’re really value for money!

9. Which of your equipments has been with you for the longest time since the start of Tokuasia Pictures?

If I can recall correctly, it would probably have to be our Zoom H4n. It was the first piece of gear we bought when we got the payment for our first job.
You absolutely can not have bad audio as it can ruin a project faster than a bad image (we learnt this the hard way, so trust me, we know!)

10. What do you intend to do with your video production team in your future projects to come?

After taking a brief hiatus from original work to complete my degree in 2016, I’m writing and casting for the pilot episode of a six-episode science-fiction/fantasy series!

This is going to be our major project for 2017 and we hope that our story will be strong enough to attract audiences & potential partners so that we can do the full series! At the same time, we’re working on other preliminary ideas and may participate in some short film competitions along the way to further hone our abilities and work with new people to keep the momentum going.

We also hope to serve more clients who see value in working with us and who want to be a part of our journey moving forward.

11. What would you like to share with amateurs who would like to dive into video production?

Get up, write and shoot! And then share it on the Internet for the world to see.
Don’t be afraid of your work being criticised as long as the criticism helps you to improve, and hopefully in a few years’ time you will look back and laugh or cringe at it for being bad, but that’s how you know your eyes have improved and progress has happened.


If you made it to the end of the post, you should be inspired by the growth of tokuAsia Pictures!

Now we all know, that youtube video, or viral video you came across on your Facebook timeline? Sure didn’t come easy, did it?



Basil and team has showed how passion can truly drive an individual beyond its limits! And how hard work and determination is vastly essential in his line of work.

Thank you Basil for taking the time to answer our questions! May tokuAsia Pictures  move up to greater heights this new year!

Don’t forget to check out their videos on their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/tokuasiapictures/?fref=ts

Or you may also visit their website! toku.asia/blog

Signing off,

Cameras of 2 0 1 6

I thought it’d be interesting to blog about the cameras that made it to the top of the list last year! Based on the number of sets sold as of the year 2016. This way, you are able to be more informed about the cameras many people prefer. It may or may not work for you, but it’d be good to know, wouldn’t it!

Here are the list of cameras that made it on our ‘wall of fame’!

Note: The list is arranged in alphabetical order.

DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon EOS-750D

Fujifilm X-A3

Nikon D5500

Nikon D7200

Nikon D750

Olympus EM-10 Mark II

Sony A6000 Kit

Sony A7R Mark II

Compact/Bridge Cameras

Canon GX-7 Mark II

Nikon P900

Panasonic LX100

Ricoh Theta S

Sony RX-100 Mark III

Digital Cinema Camera

BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4K EF


Did your camera made it to the list?


Signing off,


Alan Photo wishes everyone a blessed year ahead! 😀

Another year has flown by, and we are thankful for the continuous support we have been receiving from each and every customer, supplier, collaborator and working staff. Basically everyone who played a part in the sustenance of Alan Photo as a whole. May this New Year equip everyone with good luck, good health, good fortune and good times!

In celebration of the new year, we have come up with a couple of promotions that you will love!

Be sure to come on down to our concept store [REC] By Alan Photo @ 114 Lavender St, CT Hub 2, #01-36, S338729. If you’re very particular about the quality and durability about the products, not to worry! As our new concept store [REC] By Alan Photo allows you to ‘Try Before You Buy’! We stand to Resolve our customers’ queries, provide Experiential shopping, and allow the Creation of content. Do not hesitate to approach any of our staff as they will be able to pass on the knowledge they have learnt during training.

These promotions will be going on until the 31st January 2017.

First up! We have Saramonic!
Saramonic is a professional sound equipment solution known for its quality and affordability!

“Even the most visually appealing productions can come across as amateurish attempts if they are accompanied by a sub-par soundtrack.”

An amateur to video production and not willing to lay out a huge budget? Don’t worry, we got you covered!
The VHS WIRELESS MIC is Affordable and Portable while at the same time provides you with great sound quality!

CAllING OUT TO VLOGGERS! Also known as video bloggers! If you’re interested to share your life through videos on the go, audio quality is important! Who’d watch a VLOG with bad audio quality?

The Saramonic SMARTMIC will fit the cut in this one!
Simply connect the SmartMic to your SmartPhone and you’re good to go! Its small, portable, affordable and produces great sound quality!

As a musician, audio quality plays a huge role during your performance! The SmartRig+ is an amazing solution for your audio output!
A TWO-CHANNEL MIC & GUITAR INTERFACE! You can now connect your instrument, microphone and recording device all with just the SmartRig+!
How convenient can this get! Showcase your performance with great video quality without burning a huge hole in your pocket with the smartrig+!

Our final Saramonic Product is dedicated to all videographers! The UHF Wireless Microphone! The system is intended for portable wireless operation, such as DSLR video and field recording applications!



Do take note that Profoto products can only be found at [REC] By Alan Photo.

While Saramonic products can be found at both Sim Lim Square and [REC] By Alan Photo. 

So, what are you waiting for? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and make your way down to [REC] By Alan Photo !

We’ll treat you to a cup of coffee while you’re here too! 😉

We hope to see you soon.

Signing off,