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SDW X REC In Progress (Sony A7rM2 + GM Lens)

REC In Progress is a series of workshops purport to provide customers an experience with the latest cameras, enhance photography/videography knowledge and skills, mingle with passionate shutter bugs alike etc.

Just last Sunday, we  concluded a complimentary workshop in collaboration with Sony Digital Workshop that was held at our new concept store – REC By Alan Photo.

During the workshop, participants were able to get a hands-on experience Sony’s A7rM2 together with the GM Lens.

With the presence of 2 professional models, our participants got to experience a studio photoshoot with the cyclorama and backdrop studios at our store!

As cameras and lenses were provided, all they needed was their SD card allowing them to bring home the photos they have taken on the day.

The workshop was only opened to 20 participants, and divided into 2 sessions, 10 participants each.
Every participant was entitled to a hands-on experience with an A7rM2 and GM Lens each!

They were able to bring home some knowledge and skills from winner of Sony’s  photography contest Gerbie Pabilonia!

The first session kicked off at 1pm and the second at 5pm.

Models arrived earlier to prep themselves for the test shoot during the workshop

2 differently themed shoot:


Hands-on experience by participant

REC Team + Models + Iconic Wall

Group shot!


All in all, we are thankful everyone who signed up were present on that day and everything went smoothly on that Sunday. We hope that each and every participant learnt something new during the workshop!

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