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Get work done in a jiffy with Tethertools


Tethered photography can play a crucial role in terms of efficiency for many professional photographers. What is tethered photography, you may ask.

A tethered photography workflow allows images you capture to be transferred and saved directly onto one’s computer’s hard drive. The tethering software will then display the images on the larger computer/tablet screen captured by you for a clearer and closer look. Basically, tethering can help you get the perfect photo in fewer shots, as having images shown on a larger screen is a great way for you and your clients to spot issues with focus, lighting, posing or composition quicker, and thus enhancing efficiency in your photo works.

Now, everyone wouldn’t need to be crowding around your camera’s tiny LCD screen to view the image you’ve taken. Your client can view images instantly on the bigger screen as you capture them.


A long list of Benefits to Shooting Tethered:

  • View images on a large monitor as you shoot
  • Instantly see images at full resolution
  • Check critical focus, composition, styling, etc.
  • Adjust lighting and camera settings more quickly and easily
  • Control camera settings and remote trigger from connected device
  • Share images with art director/client on site or remotely
  • Collaborate more effectively with assistants, stylists and subjects
  • Tag, rate, compare and share images while you shoot
  • Share images on multiple devices
  • Back up files to hard-drive while shooting
  • Move images from laptop to desktop in an instant
  • Reduce the chance of image loss



Get efficient with Tethertools!



source:  https://www.tethertools.com


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