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A New App all photography enthusiasts would love!

The Instagram app has outdone many apps. Somehow, it has also gradually became a portfolio for many users. It made the unnoticed noticed.

As the growth of the Instagram photography community enlarges, many photographers are challenged to produce more creative works. This is taking a positive turn on the industry as many are aware of how the smartphone camera is an inadequate tool. While the smartphone camera is an amazing and convenient gear, there is so much a DSLR/Mirrorless can do that the smartphone camera can’t. Photography isn’t just a simple click of the button, there is so much that goes into that perfect shot! Lighting, Aperture, ISO, Angles, just to name a few. It takes skills, passion, patience, willingness to learn, and so much more!

And with this new App, it has brought photography and experiential learning to a whole new level!

Have you always wondered how photographers from around the world captures their artistic shots? The various equipment they use, etc! Well, a new app has launched to answer all your dying questions. Now, you can capture similar shots and even experience what it’s like behind the scenes YOURSELF.

The App is currently only available on Apple stores: EXPLOREST



This app brings you to places – to the most majestic insta-worthy locations.

Guides you on how to curate a particular photo that have been taken by photographers like yourself

Make plans ahead as all information regarding opening hours, fees, etc will be available via the app

Various photography genres to suit your liking 

It’s opened to all, whether you’re a hobbyist, amateur or a professional! Stay adventurous and take your instagram game to a whole new level.


• No uncertainties, get the exact spot where the photographer stood to take the shot.

• Show off the beauty of a country you’ve travelled to!

• Need to arrive at a spot before closing time? Or take a boat to get there? You’ll receive all the instructions needed.

• Opening hours, Weather forecast, fees, etc



• Know the exact times of sunrise, sunset and golden hours when the light is best to shoot photos.

• Access Explorests’ field tips and photo specs (camera, lens, ISO, aperture, shutter speed) so you’ll know what to bring along and how best to capture the perfect moment.

• With so many amazing places to explore, enjoy the ability to track where you’ve visited and want to travel.

• Save the location, tips and details to your mobile device and access them even if you lose service while exploring.

KNOW WHAT TO DO NEARBY (make plans ahead)
• If there’s a place close by serving the best coffee in town, you’ll know.


Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/explorest-photo-location-insights/id1227446332?mt=8

The app is currently on SINGAPORE LOCATIONS ONLY (more coming soon)

& you get to enjoy all Location Insights free until July 31.

So get downloading and start shooting!!!!!

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June Favourites


Hello everyone! We are back with another month of favourites! Which do you think would make last month’s list of favourites?

June was a pretty interesting one, with so many new gears popping out in the scene, I’m sure we’re all pretty excited about next month’s favourites, aren’t we?

July is gonna be exciting, but i’ll leave that to another post to update you on what’s going to happen in the upcoming months.

Without further ado, lets dive into June’s Favourites.

Nikon D5600

This contender was also part of last month’s favourites!



The A6000 was also part of April/March’s favourites, but this time it’s A6000L instead. What’s the difference? A6000L is the one sold together with the kit lens while A6000 is  just the body itself.


Canon EOS M3



Go Pro Hero 5 Black

Again, the Go Pro has made it into the list!

That’s it for June’s favourites! Make the final half of 2017 a good one, we will be holding more workshops and events and if you’d like to be informed of our upcoming workshops/events, do let us know via any of our social media channels, and we’ll include you to our mailing list 😀

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