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July Favourites

Hello you! If you’re an avid follower of our monthly favourites, apologies for our tardy post this month! To all our Singaporean followers, we hope you had an amazing time on our nation’s birthday with your loved ones! The months are passing by too quickly!

Without further ado, lets jump straight into last month’s favourites!

note: not in any form of sequence

The Canon EOS 6D Mark ii made its entrance not too long ago, and have been flying off the shelves even despite the bad reviews that’s been circulating online! Guess it’s not as bad as it was said to be? You tell us!

Canon EOS-6D Mark II


Nikon D3400 kit


Nikon D5600 (18-140mm)


Sony A6500 body


Nikon has recently posted news about the revelation of the all New D850. There has also been rumours saying that it’ll be Nikon’s very first mirrorless camera that they will be releasing. A mirrorless camera that will overlook all of its other competitors in the industry. Is this FOR REAL!? Well, only time will tell if the rumours were true! Who’s excited? You bet we are!

Stay tuned for more! 😉

Signing off,

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