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Live-Streaming, an Essential Business Tool

Before we begin onto our solutions for Live-Streaming, let us talk about the Cost of Capital. With all the money sitting in your company’s account from the profits earned through all business transactions after business transactions, this money that is earned for the company after paying out to all those working for the company, cannot be left in the account untouched.

Executives of the company will need to know how to strategically spend this money on account of the growth of the company. Each dollar and cent spent to grow the company exponentially. Therefore, capital budgeting decisions will influence the direction of the company. Even though investment opportunities will vary differently across companies and industries, the expectations of this process of evaluating financial returns.

From the above, we will need to evaluate ourselves as a company, no matter which industry you’re from. You could be a singer, a teacher/educator, a business owner, an influencer, a game streamer, spending to increase the growth of your company or self exponentially, is imperative to the core.

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Why did I say that it’s important to invest in a good Live-Streaming Setup?

We cannot view the Live-Streaming setup or switcher as a separate entity from the business, or just another temporary tool to do this during this pandemic period. It is the very tool that will help propel your business forward. Live-Streaming is going to be, in fact, IT IS, the new way businesses and streamers alike can double or triple their growth with the right content.

Live-streaming setup is the tool to not only give professional video presentation, but you can also use it as a marketing tool to engage your customers and followers alike, sharing with them what are the new products released, or promotion campaigns that are available, or interact with them to know what are their needs and potentially change it into a want instantaneously to convert into sales.

The next question from you would be, “oh yes, this could be the next move for me and my business! I want to engage and interact with my customers!”.

  • What is needed?
  • Where can I get it from?
  • Who should I consult?
  • When should I get it?
  • How do I have it running and ready to go for my first live-streaming(Link) session?

If these are some of the questions you have above, don’t worry, We have an all in one solution for you. With our product specialists, we will be on-site to help cover all aspects to fully utilise the Live Stream Service. From providing the necessary equipment and accessories to assist you with setup and conducting of the required training session to make sure everyone knows how to get it going, and become familiar with the live-streaming tool.

Things included in this package:

  1. BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Pro (Click on image to buy)Blackmagic Design Releases ATEM Mini Pro - Newsshooter
  2. USB C Cable
  3. Setup of ATEM Mini Pro either your Mac or PC and camera(s) & (HDMI Cable not included)
  4. 2 hours training session dedicated to ensuring that everyone knows how to operate the new live-streaming setup.

The list above is an introductory offer for you. However, depending on your needs to ensure that your Live-Streaming setup is wholesome, we will be able to help you cater to what you need. If you do not have your own camera, we are able to advise you on what kind of cameras, microphones, and all the necessary equipment you need to ensure that your setup is right for you. (Pricing subjected to cost of individual items)

As mentioned at the start of the article, the cost of capital is only so small when you look at a bigger picture. For such a unique marketing tool to help you improve your business, creating such a better online presence than before, is definitely needed! Businesses will be required to interact with customers in a different manner, and this is the solution to your frustrations!

This package is only available when you engage Alan Photo as your Live-Streaming set-up service provider. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

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