C-Stand Price List

DescriptionSelling Price
CS20 C-stand 20" Silver185
CS30 C-stand 30" Silver194
CS40 C-stand 40" Silver199
CS46 C-stand 46" Silver204
CS20 C-stand 20" Silver kit298
CS30 C-stand 30" Silver kit303
CS40 C-stand 40" Silver kit312
CS46 C-stand 46" Silver kit322
CSA20 C-stand 20" Silver Adjuastable194
CSA30 C-stand 30" Silver Adjuastable199
CSA40 C-stand 40" Silver Adjuastable204
CSA46 C-stand 46" Silver Adjuastable213
CSA20 C-stand 20" Silver kit Adjuastable308
CSA30 C-stand 30" Silver kit Adjuastable312
CSA40 C-stand 40" Silver kit Adjuastable322
CSA46 C-stand 46" Silver kit Adjuastable327
Prices are of full retail price in SGD, inclusive of GST. Contact Alan Photo for further discounts!