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DOF Led Lights and other accessories

DOF Price List (updated as of 1st Mar 2017)

Product DescriptionPrice (SGD)
DOF HVR-C200 Daylight LED On Camera Light88
DOF HVR-C200S Bi-Color LED On Camera Light98
DOF HVR-C300 Daylight LED Panel Light225
DOF HVR-C300S Bi-Color LED Panel Light248
DOF HVR-C300 Daylight 3-light kit668
DOF HVR-C300S Bi-Color 3-light kit718
DOF HVR-C600 Daylight 3-light kit/UK1058
DOF HVR-C600S Bi-Color 3-light kit/UK1133
DOF HVR-C900 Daylight 3-light kit/UK1648
DOF HVR-C900S Daylight 3-light kit/UK1808
DOF HVR-D120 Daylight LED On Camera Light46
DOF HVR-D160 Daylight LED On Camera Light52
DOF HVR-D160S Bi-Color LED On Camera Light58
DOF HVR-D700 Daylight LED Panel Light/UK418
DOF HVR-D700S Bi-Color LED Panel Light/UK468
DOF HVR-D1296 Daylight LED Panel Light/UK618
DOF HVR-D1296S Bi-Color LED Panel Light/UK668
DOF LED-575 Studio Light/UK188
V Mount plate58
DOF LED-1000 Studio Light/UK308
DOF HVR-C500 Daylight LED Panel Light/UK248
DOF HVR-C500S Bi-Color LED Panel Light/UK278
DOF HVR-C500 Daylight 3-light kit/UK780
DOF HVR-C500S Bi-Color 3-light kit/UK858
Prices are of full retail price in SGD, inclusive of GST. Contact Alan Photo for further discounts!