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Jusino tripod takes light and stability as the starting point. In control of its small size and light weight, it won’t lose its stability at the same time. For example, TK series tripod can save much space after folding 180 degree, which convenient to carry. Each kind of tripods in ensuring the original stability at the same time. The center column lock system has to be changed, which adopt the two-way safety design locking and provides additional locking force for center column to meet the needs of high intensity work. Jusino tripod always uses new material to meet the balance of stability and light. The new technology and special treatment of material, which with excellent hardness and strong performance, can reduce the weight of 15% than the original material. Light and stable.

Jusino Tripods & Supports Pricelist (updated as of 1st Mar 2017)

ModelTripod - TK SeriesSectionColourMax Ht.Max LoadSRP
TK-224Aluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Black147cm8kg235
TK-224 RedAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Red147cm8kg248
TK-224 BlueAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Blue147cm8kg248
TK-225SAluminum Traveller with BS-08 & bag5Black132cm6kg188
TK-225S RedAluminum Traveller with BS-08 & bag5Red132cm6kg196
TK-225S BlueAluminum Traveller with BS-08 & bag5Blue132cm6kg196
TK-253Aluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag3Black155cm12kg226
TK-253 RedAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag3Red155cm12kg238
TK-253 BlueAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag3Blue155cm12kg238
TK-254 Aluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Black152cm12kg238
TK-254 RedAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Red152cm12kg250
TK-254 BlueAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag4Blue152cm12kg250
TK-255 Aluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag5Black149cm10kg249
TK-255 RedAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag5Red149cm10kg260
TK-255 BlueAluminum Traveller with BT-02 & bag5Blue149cm10kg260
TK-284 Aluminum Traveller with BH-68 & bag4Black165cm15kg319
TK-224CCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Silver147cm8kg440
TK-224C /RCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Red147cm8kg455
TK-224C /BCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Blue147cm8kg455
TK-225SCCarbon Fibre Traveller with BS-08 & bag 5Silver132cm6kg370
TK-225SC RedCarbon Fibre Traveller with BS-08 & bag 5Red132cm6kg380
TK-225SC BlueCarbon Fibre Traveller with BS-08 & bag 5Blue132cm6kg380
TK-253CCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 3Silver155cm12kg435
TK-253C /RCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 3Red155cm12kg448
TK-253C /BCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 3Blue155cm12kg448
TK-254CCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Silver152cm12kg465
TK-254C /RCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Red152cm12kg478
TK-254C /BCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Blue152cm12kg478
TK-255C /RCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 5Red149cm10kg514
TK-255C /BCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 5Blue149cm10kg514
TK-284CCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Silver165cm15kg510
TK-324CCarbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 4Silver178cm12kg659
TK-364C+ BT-02Carbon Fibre Traveller with BT-02 & bag 5Silver12kg736
MonopodSectionColourMax Ht.Max LoadSRP
MP-224Aluminum Monopod4Black141cm3kg45
MP-254Aluminum Monopod5Silver148cm6kg48
MP-285Aluminum Monopod5Black175cm6kg70
MP-224CCarbon Fibre Monopod with BH-10B4Black141cm3kg174
MP-284CCarbon Fibre Monopod with BH-10B4Black160cm6kg203
Video Monopod
VM-361EAluminum Monopod 4Black172cm6kg118
VM-361E + PH-70Aluminum Monopod with PH-70 Head4Black172cm6kg286
Ball Head & Panoramic Head
PH-70Video HeadBlack115mm6kg230
GH-10Gimbal HeadBlack230mm6kg198
GH-20Gimbal HeadBlack230mm8kg258
BT-01Ball HeadØ36Black93mm15kg99
BT-02Ball Head with bubble levelØ34Black90mm15kg100
BT-02 /SBall Head with bubble levelØ34Silver90mm15kg100
BT-02 /BBall Head with bubble levelØ34Blue90mm15kg105
BT-02QBall Head with Quick Release levelØ34Black100mm15kg267
BS-08Ball Head with bubble levelBlack10kg100
BH-68Ball Head with bubble levelØ45Black104mm15kg202
AK-39Ball Head with bubble levelØ36Black93mm18kg200
AK-42QBall Head with Quick Release levelØ45Black103mm18kg307
PF-52Panoramic Head with click stop & bubble level-Black45mm25kg75
PF-52 /BPanoramic Head with click stop & bubble level-Blue45mm25kg75
BH-10BMini Ball HeadØ30Black73mm6kg48
ST-605E Pan HeadBlack3kg78
Plates & Accessories
Plate BT-01Quick release plate for BT-01 & 02-Black--20
Plate BH-08Quick release plate for BH-08-Black--18
Plate BS-18Quick release plate for BS-18-Black--18
Plate BH-68Quick release plate for BH-68-Black--31
Plate AK-36Quick release plate for AK-36-Black--19
Plate AK-39Quick release plate for AK-39-Black--22
Plate L-75Quick release L-75mm lens plate-Black--54
Plate L-100Quick release L-100mm lens plate-Black--62
Plate L-150Quick release L-150mm lens plate-Black--84
Spring HookHook attachment for center column-Black--3
SP-1340Video shoulder support-Black--127
HS-1230Steady Cam support-Black76cm1.5kg338
VH-28Tilt arm 310mm shaft-Black-8kg63
New model
X-426 + BT-60 Aluminum Tripod with BT-604Black159cm4kg180
VL-0502 + BT-01Aluminum Tripod with BT-604Silver163cm6kg276
DK-1501 AluAluminum Tripod with Half-bowl & handle3Black150cm12kg518
DK-1501 CarbonCarbon Fibre Tripod with Half-bowl & handle3Silver150cm12kg878
SK-2130Aluminum Tripod3Black2kg58
Prices are of full retail price in SGD, inclusive of GST. Contact Alan Photo for further discounts!