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Libec is a long-established manufacturer of video tripods, digital camera tripods, jib arm, remote head, tracking rail and more.

Libec Price list (updated as of Mar 2017)

HD Series (From Taiwan)
TH-650HD3kg150cm65mmHead/2 Stage Tripod with brace/Carrying case (Discontinued)362.5
TH-X4kg159cm65mm+FlatHead/2 Stage Tripod with brace/Carrying case449.5
HFMP8kg176cm65mm+Flat2 Stage Hands-Free Monopod/Carrying case290
HFMP KIT4kg189.5cm65mm+FlatHead/2 Stage Hands-Free Monopod/Carrying case478.5
RS and LX Series (From Taiwan)
LX78kg166cm75mmHead/Tripod with floor spreader/Tripod case1029.5
LX7M8kg165.5cm75mmHead/Tripod with mid-level spreader/Tripod case1029.5
LX1016kg173.5cm100mmLX10 Head/RT50B/SP-2B/RC502349
LX10M16kg171.5cm100mmLX10 Head/RT50B/BR-6B/FP-2B/RC502349
LX10Studio16kg187cm100mmLX10 Head dual pan handle/RT50B/DL3RB2595.5
RH25D6kg75mm+FlatHead with PH-6B1000.5
RS-450DM12kg171cm75mm+FlatRH45D/RT40RB/BR-6B /FP-2B/RC-502711.5
RH45D12kg75mm+FlatHead with PH-6B1856
ALX System ( From Taiwan )
ALX KIT4kg164.5cm75mm+FlatHead /Tripod with Mid-level spreader/Tripod case710.5
ALX H4kg75mm+FlatHead with pan handle420.5
ALX T25kg150cm75mm2 Stage Tripod 75mm bowl420.5
ALX S8 KIT4kg75mm+FlatHead/80cm Slider/Tripod with Mid-level spreader/Tripod case1522.5
ALX S4 KIT4kg75mm+FlatHead/40cm Slider/Tripod with Mid-level spreader/Tripod case1406.5
ALX S415kg75mm+Flat40cm Slider with slider case812
ALX S815kg75mm+Flat80cm Slider with slider case870
ALX S1215kg75mm+Flat120cm Slider with slider case928
ALX SR415kg40cm slider rail174
ALX SR815kg80cm slider rail246.5
ALX SR1215kg120cm slider rail319
ALX SPslider platform355.25
RS PLUS (From Japan)
RSP850M25kg189.5cm100mmRHP85/T103B/BR-6B/FP-3B /RC-808772.5
RHP7517kg100mmHead with PH-8B4640
RHP8525kg100mmHead with PH-8B6090
RS PLUS Pedestal and Package (From Japan)
P110B30kg157.5cm100mmP110 Column /DL-8B for EFP use5510
P110S30kg156cm100mmP110 Column/DL-10B for Studio use6670
RSP-750PD(B)17kg175cm100mmRHP75/P110(B)/PH-8B X2 /DL-8B10150
RSP-750PD(S)17kg173.5cm100mmRHP75/P110(S)/PH-8B X2/DL-10B11310
RSP-850PD(B)25kg175cm100mmRHP85 / P110(B) /PH-8B X2 /DL-8B11600
RSP-850PD(S)25kg173.5cm100mmRHP85/P110(S)/PH-8B X2/DL-10B12687.5
Jib , Remote Head and Tracking Rails (From Japan)
Swift Jib5020kg>3m75+100mmExtendable Jib Arm with Carrying Case3929.5
Swift Jib50 Kit20kg>3m75+100mmSwift Jib50,DL-8B and T102B with carrying cases7105
Weight30 KitStandard weight kit of 30kg/ 66Ib696
Handle 50Clamp handle for Swift Jib50121.8
Remo305kg75+100mmremote head for handheld cameras5220
CU-3075+100mmcontrol unit for Remo30710.5
cable5005m/16.5' control cable for head,Lanc n monitor121.8
cable500050m/165' control cable for head,Lanc507.5
TR-3203.2m/10.5' Tracking Rail with Dolly system and Carrying case3828
CR-9090 degrees curved rail with Carrying Case1276
EX-160S1.6m/5.5' extension Rail for TR-320536.5
Tripod (From Japan)
T102B90kg138.5cm100mmSingle Stage Heavy Duty Tripod with 100mm Bowl1682
T103B90kg174cm100mmTwo Stage Heavy Duty Tripod with 100mm Bowl2247.5
RT50B35kg158cm100mmTwo Stage ENG Tripod with 100mm Bowl696
RT50C35kg158cm100mmTwo Stage ENG Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm Bowl1044
SP-6Bfloor spreader for T102B/T103B290
BR-6BMid-level spreader for RT40RB,RT50B and RT50C145
FP-3BLarge rubber feet for T102B and T103B145
SP-2BFloor spreader for RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B and RT50C203
FP-2BLarge rubber feet for RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B and RT50C101.5
Tripod (From Taiwan)
RT40RB35kg157.5cm75mmTwo-stage tripod with 75mm Bowl609
RT30B25kg150.5cm75mmTwo-stage tripod with 75mm Bowl435
SP-2BFloor spreader for RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B and RT50C203
BR-6BMid-level spreader for RT40RB,RT50B and RT50C145
BR-2BMid spreader for RT30B145
FP-2BLarge rubber feet for RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B and RT50C101.5
Tripod cases (From Japan)
RC80All-round tripod case (Internal diamension 107cm)/ T102B and T103B427.75
RC70All-round tripod case (Internal diamension 93cm)/ RT50B and RT50C427.75
RC50Tripod case for ENG/ RS-450D and LX10 Series210.25
RC30Tripod case for RT30B/ LX7 and RS-250D101.5
Accessories (From Japan)
AS-7KAccessory support kit275.5
AP-1adaptor plate to attach tripod adaptor for small cameras166.75
AP-5adaptor plate145
BL-75RTripod mount with Bowl Clamp123.25
AD-75100mm Adapter for Libec 75mm ball base heads52.2
PH-6BExtendable Panbar for RH25D ,RH35D and RH45D104.4
PH-8BExtendable Panbar for LX10,RHP75 and RHP85104.4
Sliding Plate LExtra Long Plate for LX10,RHP75,RHP85210.25
Remote Controls (From Taiwan)
ZC-3DVZoom Control for Sony, Canon, Panasonic cameras174
ZC-9ProZoom Control for ENG lenses253.75
ZFC-5HDZoom and focus control for lanc (Sony/Canon) and Panasonics Cameras333.5
ZC-9EXZoom Control for Sony PMW EX cameras333.5
EX530DV5.3m/17.5' extension zoom cable for LANC and panasonic cmera52.2
EX530HD5.3m/17.5' extension focus cable for lanc and panasonic cameras69.6
EX530Pro5.3m/17.5' extension zoom for eng lenses139.2
A-12P12 pin adaptor for PH-9,ZC-9Pro123.25
A-3AVLANC/ AV adapter cable33.35
Dolly (From Taiwan)
DL-2RB15kgDolly for TH-650HD/ALX KIT/ TH-X188.5
DL-3RB45kgDolly for LX7, LX10, RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B, RT50C, Sachtler and Vinten tripods333.5
DL-5RB45kgVersatile length dolly for LX7, LX10, RT30B, RT40RB, RT50B, RT50C, Sachtler and Vinten tripods478.5
Dolly (From Japan)
DL-8B90kgHeavy Duty Dolly for T102B and T103B870
DL-10B90kgHeavy Duty Studio Dolly with Cable Guard for P110 Column, RS Series, T102B and
Prices are of full retail price in SGD, inclusive of GST. Price subject to change without prior notice. Contact Alan Photo for further discounts!