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Profoto Price List (updated as of 24th May 2017)

ProductsRRP w/ GST
PRO Generators and heads (PRO 10/ PRO B4)
Pro-10 2400 AirTTL18,735
Pro-B4 Air11,938
Pro-B4 Air Kit incl. 2 batteries13,469
ProTwin UV 500 W, Magnum reflector5,169
ProHead plus UV 250W3,214
ProHead plus UV 500W3,307
D4 Air Generators
D4 1200 Air Gen. Kit12,276
D4 2400 Air Gen. Kit14,110
D4 4800 Air Gen. Kit17,010
Off Camera Flash (B1/B2/Accessories)
B1X 500 AirTTL Location Kit (NEW)5,892
B1X 500 AirTTL To-Go Kit (NEW)2,986
B2 250 AirTTL To-Go kit2,780
B2 250 AirTTL location kit3,863
B2 250 AirTTL w/o battery1,951
Li-Ion Battery for B1 Mark II (NEW)446
B2 Head920
Li-lon Battery for B2334
B2 AirTTL Extension cable 3m297
OCF Grid kit149
OCF Magnum Reflector (NEW)334
OCF Zoom Reflector (NEW)251
OCF Color Gel Starter Kit167
OCF Color Correction Gel Pack93
OCF Color Effects Gel Pack93
OCF Snoot93
OCF Barndoor149
OCF Speedring149
OCF Softbox 2' Octa223
OCF Softgrid 2' Octa149
OCF Softbox 1,3x1,3'149
OCF Softgrid 1,3x1,3'93
OCF Softbox 2x3'297
OCF Softgrid 2x3'167
OCF Softbox 1x3'260
OCF Softgrid 1x3'167
OCF Beauty Dish White 2'297
OCF Beauty Dish Silver 2'297
Air Remotes
Air Remote TTL-C587
Air Remote TTL-N587
Air Remote TTL-S587
Air Remote TTL-O (NEW)587
Profoto Air remote409
D1 Generators
D1 Air 2501,695
D1 Air 5001,862
D1 Air 10002,663
D1 Basic Kit 250/250 Air3,415
D1 Basic Kit 500/500 Air3,698
D1 Basic Kit 1000/1000 Air5,258
D1 Studio Kit 250/250 Air3,711
D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air4,000
D1 Studio Kit 1000/1000 Air5,580
D1 Studio Kit 500/500/10007,795
D2 Generators
D2 500 AirTTL2,406
D2 1000 AirTTL3,149
D2 500/500 AirTTL kit4,822
D2 1000/1000 AirTTL kit6,308
Reflectors and other Accessories
Zoom Reflector (standard, delivered with heads)301
Barndoor 4-sided for Zoomreflector353
Grid & Filterholder333
Filter Cassette84
Diffusions Filter 19x19 cm19
Honeycomb Grid 20 degree, 180 mm188
Honeycomb Grid 10 degree, 180 mm210
Honeycomb Grid 5 degree, 180 mm269
Grid/Grid & Filterholder Kit896
Grid Kit 5, 10 & 20 degree, including bag 100298639
Snoot for 900649245
Magnum reflector 50 degree 337 mm481
Narrow-Beam Reflector 32 degree 337 mm489
Narrow-Beam Travel reflector357
Tele-Zoom Reflector 337 mm1,035
Honeycomb Grid 10 degr. 337 mm396
ProTube, 337 mm1,211
Barndoor 4-sided, 337 mm1,252
WideZoom Reflector743
Honeycomb Grid Wide-Zoom, 280 mm386
Softlight Reflector, silver 26 degree576
Softlight Reflector, white 65 degree576
Honeycomb Grid 25 degree 515 mm507
Glass for Softlight reflector128
Diffusor for Softlight Reflector82
Softlight Kit (Softlight White, 25° deg Grid, Diffuser, Printed box)1,072
Disc Reflector for umbrella158
7" Reflector251
Honeycomb 7" Reflector, 10 degree188
Honeycomb 7" Reflector, 5 degree212
RFI Softbox and Grids
Softbox RFi 1x1,3' (30x40cm)175
Softbox RFi 1,3x2' (40x60cm)221
Softbox RFi 2x3' (60x90cm)375
Softbox RFi 3x4' (90x120cm)492
Softbox RFi 4x6' (120x180cm)736
Softbox RFi 2x2' (60x60cm)307
Softbox RFi 3x3' (90x90cm)398
Softbox RFi 1x3' (30x90cm)307
Softbox RFi 1x4' (30x120cm)346
Softbox RFi 1x6' (30x180cm)500
Softbox RFi 3' Octa (90cm)362
Softbox RFi 4' Octa (120cm)479
Softbox RFi 5' Octa (150cm)552
Softbox Kit (RFi 60x90 cm / 2x3', Speedring and Softgrid, Printed box)652
Softgrid 50⁰1x1,3'119
Softgrid 50⁰1,3x2'136
Softgrid 50⁰2x3'184
Softgrid 50⁰3x4'375
Softgrid 50⁰4x6'726
Softgrid 50⁰2x2'143
Softgrid 50⁰3x3'260
Softgrid 50⁰1x3'128
Softgrid 50⁰1x4'173
Softgrid 50⁰1x6'249
Softgrid 50⁰3' Octa269
Softgrid 50° 4' Octa500
Softgrid 50⁰5' Octa726
Stripmask 7cm 1x3'76
Stripmask 7cm 1x4'84
Stripmask 7cm 1x6'117
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 1x1,3'48
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 1,3x2'54
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 2x3'71
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 3x4'91
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 4x6'111
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 2x2'56
RFi Flat Front Diffuser 3x3'84
RFI Speedrings
RFi speedring adapter Profoto188
RFi speedring adapter Elinchrom188
RFi speedring adapter Bowens / Calumet154
RFi speedring adapter Hensel Expert188
RFi speedring adapter Broncolor Pulso154
RFi speedr. Lumedyne/Quantum/Sunpak/Norman154
RFi speedring adapter Broncolor Visatec188
RFi Speedlight Speedring282
Collapsible Reflectors
Reflector Silver/White M (80cm/32")137
Reflector Silver/White L (120cm/47")199
Reflector SunSilver/White M (80cm/32")137
Reflector SunSilver/White L (120cm/47")199
Reflector Gold/White M (80cm/32")137
Reflector Gold/White L (120cm/47")199
Reflector Black/White M (80cm/32")137
Reflector Black/White L (120cm/47")199
Reflector Translucent M (80cm/32")137
Reflector Translucent L (120cm/47")199
Demo Reflector M (80cm/32")52
Umbrella Shallow White S (85cm/33")117
Umbrella Shallow Silver S (85cm/33")117
Umbrella Shallow Translucent S (85cm/33")95
Umbrella Shallow White M (105cm/41")156
Umbrella Shallow Silver M (105cm/41")156
Umbrella Shallow Translucent M (105cm/41")117
Umbrella Deep White L (130cm/51")392
Umbrella Deep Silver L (130cm/51")392
Umbrella Deep Translucent L (130cm/51")294
Umbrella Deep White XL (165cm/65")550
Umbrella Deep Silver XL (165cm/65")550
Umbrella Deep Translucent XL (165cm/65")452
Umbrella Deep White S (85cm/33")255
Umbrella Deep Silver S (85cm/33")255
Umbrella Deep Translucent S (85cm/33")195
Umbrella Deep White M (105cm/41")294
Umbrella Deep Silver M (105cm/41")294
Umbrella Deep Translucent M (105cm/41")234
Umbrella S Diffusor -1.569
Umbrella M Diffusor -1.582
Umbrella L Diffusor -1.5126
Umbrella XL Diffusor -1.5143
Umbrella S Backpanel87
Umbrella M Backpanel106
Umbrella L Backpanel158
Umbrella XL Backpanel180
Stand adapter, Umbrella XL134
Prices listed are are in SGD and inclusive of GST. Products inclusive of a year or more warranty. Please call Alan Photo for more discounts!