Excellence in Performance. Samyang Optics produce a number of lenses for your DSLR / compact system camera. Currently the range of lenses have manual focus capability with superior optics. Manufactured to high standards in Korea. Samyang offer a selection of lenses for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Micro Four Thirds (MFT) (Olympus and Panasonic), Sony A, Sony E mount.

Samyang Price List (updated as of 1st Mar 2017)

ModelList Price
8mm F3.5 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)590
8mm F3.5 Hood Detachable (Canon, Nikon, Samsung NX)605
8mm F3.5 AE655
8mm F3.5 AE Hood Detachable675
8mm F3.5 E-mount605
8mm F3.5 E-mount Hood Detachable620
10mm F2.8 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X, E mount)845
10mm F2.8 AE915
16mm F2.0 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)800
16mm F2.0 AE875
21mm F1.4 (Fuji X, E, MFT)765
35mm F2.8 (E-Mount)****NEW****499
50mm F1.2 (Fuji X, E, MFT)860
300mm Mirror F6.3 (APS-C)610
7.5mm F3.5570
8mm F2.8 II610
12mm F2.0660
300mm Mirror F6.3555
Mirrorless Cine
7.5mm T3.8 Cine660
8mm T3.1 Cine680
12mm T2.2 Cine (MFT, NEX, SamNX)730
21mm T1.5 Cine (APS-C) (E, MFT)****NEW****830
50mm T1.3 Cine (APS-C) (E, MFT)****NEW****925
8mm T3.8 VDSLR640
8mm T3.8 VDSLR E-mount660
8mm T3.8 VDSLR Hood Detachable660
8mm T3.8 VDSLR Hood Detachable (E-mount, Sam NX)675
10mm T3.1 VDSLR970
12mm T3.1 Fish Eye VDSLR Canon, Nikon950
14mm T3.1 VDSLR780
14mm T3.1 VDSLR E-mount800
16mm T2.2 VDSLR855
24mm T1.5 VDSLR1250
24mm T1.5 VDSLR E-mount1270
35mm T1.5 VDSLR1015
35mm T1.5 VDSLR E-mount1035
50mm T1.5 VDSLR Canon, Nikon970
85mm T1.5 VDSLR670
85mm T1.5 VDSLR E-mount690
100mm T3.1 VDSLR (Macro) Canon, Nikon, E-mount998
135mm T2.2 VDSLR Canon, Nikon 1080
8mm T3.8 MK II VDSLR Hood Detachable Canon, Nikon,MFT675
8mm T3.8 MK II VDSLR Hood Detachable Sony E-mount690
10mm T3.1 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, Samsung NX, MFT985
14mm T3.1 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, Samsung NX, MFT795
14mm T3.1 MK II VDSLR Sony E-mount816
16mm T2.2 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, MFT870
24mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, MFT1260
24mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Sony E-mount1260
35mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, MFT1035
35mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Sony E-mount1050
85mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Canon, Nikon, MFT690
85mm T1.5 MK II VDSLR Sony E-mount710
T-Mount Lens
500mm Preset255
500mm F8.0270
500mm F6.3360
800mm F8.0460
650-1300mm 715
Full Frame
12mm F2.8 Canon, Sony E850
12mm F2.8 Nikon AE920
*14mm F2.8 AF E-mount999
14mm F2.8 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)730
14mm F2.8 AE800
14mm F2.8 E-mount750
24mm F1.4 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)1070
24mm F1.4 AE1140
24mm F1.4 E-mount1090
35mm F1.4 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)965
35mm F1.4 Nikon AE1035
35mm F1.4 E-mount980
35mm E1.4 Canon AE1110
35mm F2.8 (E-Mount)****NEW****479
*50mm F1.4 AF E-mount699
50mm F1.4 (Canon, Nikon, E-mount)720
85mm F1.4 (Canon, Nikon, Fuji X)620
85mm F1.4 AE690
85mm F1.4 E-mount640
100mm F2.8 (Macro) Canon 967
100mm F2.8 (Macro) Nikon AE 1026
135mm F2.0 Canon 988
135mm F2.0 Nikon AE 1055
Tilt & Shift
24mm F3.5 T/S Canon, Nikon1670
14mm T3.1 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
24mm T1.5 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
35mm T1.5 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
50mm T1.5 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
85mm T1.5 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
135mm T2.2 PL/EF/F/E/MFT2860
Prices listed are are in SGD and inclusive of GST. Products inclusive of a year or more warranty. Please call Alan Photo for more discounts!