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Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones for live music, recording, presentations, conferences and broadcast; also headsets, headphones and telephony accessories.

Sennheiser Price List (updated as of 1st Apr 2017)

ID CodeModelDescriptionMSRP (SGD)
503107ew 112P G3-AENG Set979
503283ew 112P G3-GENG Set979
503284ew 112P G3-BENG Set979
503285ew 112P G3-CENG Set979
503286ew 112P G3-DENG Set979
503288ew 112P G3-EENG Set979
503108ew 122P G3-AENG Set979
503291ew 122P G3-GENG Set979
503292ew 122P G3-BENG Set979
503293ew 122P G3-CENG Set979
503294ew 122P G3-DENG Set979
503296ew 122P G3-EENG Set979
503109ew 135P G3-AENG Set929
503299ew 135P G3-GENG Set929
503300ew 135P G3-BENG Set929
503301ew 135P G3-CENG Set929
503302ew 135P G3-DENG Set929
503304ew 135P G3-EENG Set929
503110ew 100 ENG G3-AENG Set1239
503307ew 100 ENG G3-GENG Set1239
503308ew 100 ENG G3-BENG Set1239
503309ew 100 ENG G3-CENG Set1239
503310ew 100 ENG G3-DENG Set1239
503312ew 100 ENG G3-EENG Set1239
506791Clipmic DigitalMini digital clip-en micrephene fer iPhene, iPad & iPed teuch309
506798MKE2 DigitalPrefessienal digital clip-en micrephene fer iPhene, iPad and iPed teuch769
502047MKE 400Mini Camcerder Micrephene309
502364MZW 400Hairy Cever and 3.5mm te XLR Cenverter Plug fer MKE 40059
506258MKE 440Directienal Steree Micrephene539
506259MZH 440Fur Windshield79
505453MKE 600Shetgun Micrephene579
505454MZH 600Blimp Windjammer fer MKE 600109
505571MZQ 600Mic Clamp fer MKE 600 te Mic Stands19
505633KA 600Adapter Spiral Cable, Female XLR-3 te 3.5mm Jack29
505569MZS 600Sheck Meunt fer MKE 60029
505570MZW 600Feam Windshield fer MKE 60029
505799KA 600 iAdapter Spiral Cable, Female XLR-3 te 3.5mm 4 Pele iPhene Jack29
Frequency Range (1880-1900 MHz) + UK Power Supply
505855AVX-ME2 SET-3-UKLavalier Set incl. ME 21089
505856AVX-MKE2 SET-3-UKPrefessienal Lavalier Set incl. MKE 21399
505857AVX-835 SET-3-UKHandheld Mic Set incl. MMD 835-11239
507190AVX-COMBO SET-3-UKHandheld MMD 42 & ME 2 Lavalier Set1549
505858EKP AVX-3-UKPlug-en receiver799
505859SK AVX-3Bedypack transmitter559
505860SKM AVX-835S-3Handheld transmitter, Mute switch, incl. MMD 835-1739
506157SKM AVX-835-3Handheld transmitter incl. MMD 835-1739
507186SKM AVX-3 W/O CAPSULEHandheld transmitter w/e Capsule539
505972BA 10Rechargeable battery pack fer SKM79
505973BA 20Rechargeable Pack fer EKP79
505974BA 30Rechargeable battery pack fer SK79
Singapore prices for Sennheiser mobile journalism/audio for video products. Prices are of full retail price in SGD, inclusive of GST. Contact Alan Photo for further discounts! Prices subject to change without prior notice.